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Trips within the Czech Republic

  We have prepared for you many interesting one-day trips in the Czech   Republic and surrounding countries.
Český Krumlov
Dominating the old town after which it's named, Český Krumlov Castle is a huge castle dating from the early 13th century that is remarkably well preserved given its age. Much of what stands today in this UNESCO World Heritage Site stems from the 17th century, including the Rosenberg Ballroom and the Renaissance Hall, the Royal Apartments, and the Chapel of St. George. Also worth seeing is the castle's old Baroque theater, built in 1682 and with much of the equipment added later in the 18th century still used for special performances. Other highlights include historic collections of paintings and tapestries, along with fine décor and period furniture. The Český Krumlov Castle complex comprises 40 buildings, including fine old palaces, castle courts, and gardens, and can easily take the best part of a day to explore. (English language guided tours are available).
Karlovy Vary 
Often referred to by its old German name of Karlsbad, Karlovy Vary is a must-visit for anyone interested in an authentic spa experience. Established in 1358, Karlovy Vary has for centuries been a popular destination for Europe's elite, from royalty (Peter the Great) to famous composers and writers (Beethoven, Chopin, and Goethe), all drawn here to the hot springs. Evidence of the town's 13 main springs (not to mention its countless smaller springs) are everywhere, from the magnificent fountain in the midst of the Tepla River that shoots jets of water 14 meters into the air, to the spa-influenced architecture of its many exquisite Neoclassical and Art Nouveau colonnades with their drinking and bathing fountains. The town is also an important cultural destination, home to a number of art galleries and museums, as well as the popular Karlovy Vary International film festival one of the oldest film festivals in Europe.
Kutná Hora
If you're able to visit just one Czech town apart from Prague, you couldn't do much better than Kutná Hora. Just 80 kilometers east of the capital, Kutná Hora was once home to one of Europe's leading silver mines, the wealth from which helped finance many of the town's most beautiful structures (much of the town has now been declared part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Highlights include the Baroque St. Barbara's Cathedral, built in 1338 and notable for its beautifully decorated interior and frescoes (some of which feature mining references), along with a large mural entitled The vision of st. Ingathius. Also of note are the town's old mint, housed in the splendid Italian Court (Vlassky dvur), and the former palace of Bohemian King Vaclav IV.
Pilsen Prazdroj Brawery
A visit to the Pilsner Urquell brewery provides insight into the brewing process and history of the brewery. It offers an exhibition of raw materials and a tour of the historical cellars, presenting both the original brewhouse and the modern premises. You can also taste unfiltered beer in the historic cellars.

A German city, famous for its beautiful baroque buildings. The most famous place is the Zwinger, which serves as a complex of museums. Other sights include the Semper Opera House, the Dresden Castle and the Lutheran church Frauenkirche.





The Austrian capital, known for its palaces and cathedrals. In 2001, the city centre was included in the UNESCO list.





The Bavarian metropolis, renowned for its Oktoberfest. The city boasts the palaces of Nymphenburg and Schleissheim, with beautiful parks, statues and fountains.





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